Elite Growth Academy®


Elite Growth Academy®

We are a certified company specializing in the growth of qualification level and competences of employees. We offer tutorials, analyses, trainings, educational programmes, coaching, audits, business development solutions or mystery shopping. We are characterized by professionalism, individual approach to customers and a high degree of interactivity.

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Our motto:

“Rise to the challenge to improve.”

A Word from the CEO

Although we were not pleasantly surprised by the COVID 19 pandemic, we all have to deal with this situation. Let´s not waste our time and stop waiting till it is over. I recommend to everyone, “Work with it as if it should never go away.”
Let´s learn to create new situations, new safe ways.

Let´s use our time for education. The growth of employees should not only be shown numbers in accounting, but capital appreciation which we can count on and build on more efficient fulfilments of company´s goals.

There is no person who has no talent at all and is not suitable for anything. Everyone is a bearer of specific talents and abilities. Some characteristics are already innate, others are acquired at a very young age. However, the talent itself is far from enough unless we invest enough time and energy in its development.

A Word from the Guarantor of Language Programmes

Maintain your persistency.
Follow through with your performance management process.
Your goal should be challenging but on the other hand, it must be still attainable.
The target of study you have set should come up to the same performance expectation as of your working team.
You are motivated by the reward you receive.
You have to be convinced that you will manage to accomplish your studies and your goals. We will help you with that.
Together we will achieve it all.

Český systém kvality služeb

Service quality certification

For the next 3 years we were awarded the certification of service quality – An independent auditing company Bureau Veritas Czech Republic is the evaluation centre of CSQS.

Why choose us

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We will be glad to prepare
a tailor-made educational programme for you.

We will be glad to prepare a tailor-made educational programme for you.